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Welcome to the The Finns Party Quotes Wiki[]

Quotations of The Finns Party politicians in English. The availability of these quotes in English is important so that the international audience can study the dangerous racist and fascist ideology the True Finns. These quotations are important for the documentation of online political history as well. Most of these politicians would be too unimportant to include in English Wikiquotes.


These quotations are extremist in content. Do not read them if you are a sensitive person. This wiki disapproves of the ideas expressed and the language that is used by the True Finns. Compaints of the contents of the wiki should go directly to Perussuomalaiset party office. Beyond the obvious problems of discrimination and hate speech the quotations do have some entertainment value due to the extreme silliness they express.

Quotations of True Finns politicians in English[]

Quotations of various politicians of the True Finns party translated into English.

Important politicians[]

Timo Soini

Jussi Halla-aho

James Hirvisaari

Juho Eerola

Teuvo Hakkarainen

Veltto Virtanen

Pentti Oinonen

Jussi Niinistö

Olli Immonen

Lesser politicians[]

Amon Rautiainen

Heidi Kuittinen

Esko Kontio

Tomi Lääti

Veli-Pekka Kortelainen

Harri Viherkoski

Freddy van Wonterghem

Reima Kultalahti

Terhi Kiemunki



Tony Halme